Managing Unique User Sessions

Step by step guide to setting up a USER, such that the user can create and view sessions for their user account only

Step 1: Initiate creating a New User

The first step is to create a new user (or update an existing one). Creating a new user can be done easily by selecting "Settings">"Users">"Create New User"

Step 2: Add New User details

Add the Username, Full Name, and Email. Then select the 'USER' role and select the API keys that you would like this user to have access to.

Note: Selecting the API-Keys grants access to this user to only create and view sessions from the selected API-Key(s).

This user will not be able to view sessions created by other users even if the other user has access to the same API-Key

Step 3: Send log-in Credentials to the User

Send the user their account login credentials by generating a password and then clicking 'Save Changes' as shown below.

Users can use log into their PAVE dashboard using the credentials here:

Step 4: Access the 'User only' Dashboard View

The user can now access the PAVE Branch Dashboard specific to the API-Keys that they have access to, with no other user's sessions visible on their dashboard.

Finally, setting up Sharable Links unique to each user also ensures that the sessions created using that Sharable Link are visible to only that user.

Assign the USER to the required Sharable Link, in case Sharable Links are to be used to create sessions for this User's account.

Doing so will show any sessions created by this Sharable Link inside only that User's branch dashboard, as shown below:

Important: Please ensure that the USER has access to the particular API-Key which is assigned to that Sharable Link, else they would not be able to view sessions from that Sharable Link.

Following the steps outlined above will allow you to keep sessions created by different users separated and unique to that user.

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