Permissions and Access Settings

First, let us review the permissions and access settings in the Enterprise Dashboard, specifically for Administrators like yourself. Understanding these permissions is essential, as they determine what you can do and how much control you have. By the end of this section, you'll grasp your roles and responsibilities as an Administrator within the Enterprise Dashboard and the features available to you in this guide.

Explore each permission page for a deeper dive into how each feature operates.

Permission Setting:Access Granted:

If selected, this admin user can search, export and view all sessions for any group’s accounts. When not selected, this will open a dropdown to provide access to only selected groups.

If selected, this admin user will be able to create new groups.

If selected, this admin user can remove/delete groups.

When activated, this admin user can create and edit accounts (Branch Dashboards) for any group they are granted to view.

This setting allows the admin user to switch in and out of any account (Branch Dashboard) within the group to which they have viewed access.

This setting allows this admin user to create and edit other admin users.

This setting allows the admin user to access and edit the ‘Batches’ and ‘Exports’ functionality as well as generate and download the Session Files CSVs

This setting allows the admin user to generate and download Session Files CSVs only.

This feature is coming soon in 2024 and will allow the admin user to access, create, and manage API keys at an Enterprise Level that can be linked to any branch accounts inside this enterprise account.

This feature is coming in 2024 and will allow for selective permission assignment to users for initiating inspections to each branch account by uploading a list of VINs.

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