VIN Assignments

This feature allows the assignment of specific VINs to PAVE's branch accounts from the Enterprise Administrator, so that the Branch Dashboard user knows which specific VINs to inspect for their fleet

How to navigate the 'VIN Assignments' feature

Step 1: Accessing the feature

After logging into your Branch dashboard, access this feature by navigating to 'Dashboard' and then 'VIN Assignments' tab

Here, you can see the list of VINs that are assigned to your account, as shown below.

The VINs are pre-assigned by your Enterprise Administrator and when new VINs are assigned to your account, the VIN list will get automatically updated on your dashboard.

Please ensure the 'SETTINGS.VIN-ASSIGNMENTS' permission is turned ON for this account. Read here for more information

Step 2: Create an Inspection for the Assigned VIN

Launch an inspection from the Dashboard by clicking on “Send Inspection.” Enter the API and phone number you’d like to send the inspection to along with the VIN of the vehicle to be inspected.

Step 3: Capture the Vehicle with the Specified VIN

Launch the PAVE inspection app and capture the required photos for the specified VIN.

Step 4: Verify Completed Inspections for Assigned VINs

Once the inspection has moved to COMPLETED status, The session ID will appear in the Inspection column and will be linked to the inspection report.

When you click on the Inspection ID, as shown above, it will open the Condition Report PDF in a new URL tab

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