Deactivating and Reactivating Users and Admins

Deactivating an Admin or User

To deactivate a user account, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu from your main dashboard.

  2. Within the Settings menu, select the Users option to view a list of all user accounts.

  3. Locate the account you wish to deactivate by scrolling through the list or using the search function.

  4. Click on the Edit button located next to the user's account information.

  5. Find and select the Deactivate This Account option in the user's account settings.

  6. Confirm the deactivation to complete the process.

Please make sure you have the necessary administrative permissions to perform these actions. Once a user account is deactivated, the user will no longer have access to the system until their account is reactivated.

To reactivate a user account, please follow these detailed steps:

  1. Access the Settings section from your main dashboard.

  2. Click on the Users tab within the Settings to display the list of user accounts.

  3. Find the account you want to reactivate. You may need to filter or search if there are many accounts.

  4. Click the Edit button adjacent to the desired account to enter its settings.

  5. Look for the Reactivate Account option in the account settings and select it.

  6. Confirm the reactivation to grant the user access to the system again.

Reactivating an account will restore the user's access to all their previous system permissions and data.

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