Create New Export Setting

You can create custom export settings as an administrator with access to view sessions for a specific group. When using the export feature, these settings allow you to configure the specific session data you want to include in a CSV file. This customization gives you greater control over the exported data to meet your specific needs and requirements.

To begin exploring this feature, follow these steps within your enterprise dashboard:

  1. Locate the SETTINGS section on your screen.

  2. Within SETTINGS, find the EXPORTS option.

  3. Click on the green "+ NEW EXPORT SETTINGS" button to create custom export settings for your session data.

After clicking the "+ NEW EXPORT SETTINGS" button and accessing the export settings, you should:

  1. Give your Export Setting a name to identify it easily.

  2. You will now have the option to choose between making this export setting the default setting, which will change the format used for exports within the dashboard, or leaving it as an optional export setting that can be selected when setting up FTP/SFTP batch exports.

Choose the option that best suits your needs based on whether you want to change the default export format or keep it as an alternative option for FTP/SFTP batch exports.

To populate the attributes you want in your export from the optional list of session data, follow these steps:

Inside your custom export settings, you'll see a list of available attributes or data points you can include.

To add an attribute to your export, click the green plus icon next to that attribute. This action will include the selected attribute in your export file.

If you see options labelled "object," selecting any options will add nested JSON within your file, including all the payload data related to each object.

Using the green plus icon, you can selectively include the specific data attributes you need for your export, ensuring that your exported file contains the desired information.

Once you've selected all the attributes you want in your CSV export, you can customize the order in which the columns will appear by following these steps:

  1. You'll see the list of your selected attributes on the right side of your screen.

  2. To rearrange the order of the columns, use the up and down icons next to each attribute in your selections.

  3. Click the up or down icon to move an attribute higher or lower in the list. This will determine the order in which the columns appear in your exported CSV file.

By rearranging the attributes, you can ensure that the columns in your CSV export are organized according to your preferences and requirements.

Now click SAVE & EXIT and your new export is ready to use.

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