Widgets are a convenient way to launch inspections directly from your website through an embedded widget


With PAVE's unlimited Website Widgets and Shareable Links, you can provide multiple options for your customers to self-request inspection links either from your website or from a shareable URL. You can also install a shareable link to launch inspections directly from your smart-phone without logging into the PAVE dashboard.

Website Widget

You can set up a website widget on any page on your website. The widget is specially coded to that page, so when someone requests a new inspection, the new inspection will appear on your dashboard under the name of your widget. The screen shot below is an example of a website widget on a dealership website.

With a shareable link, you can provide a URL in an email or a QR code on a letter that customers can link to in order to self-launch a vehicle inspection. The example below is a lease-end pre-inspection mailer that can be sent to customers prior to an expected lease termination to assess any additional damages.

Our users tell us that one of the most convenient things about PAVE is the ability to launch an inspection from a link on your smartphone anywhere and anytime. Some examples of when you might need this feature:

1) Run into a customer at the grocery store who's interested in trading? Send them a link directly from your phone, and once completed, you will see it appear on your dashboard under your PAVE username.

2) Having a busy Saturday afternoon and there's a line-up for appraisals from the used car manager? Send yourself a link, capture your customer's vehicle using your own phone, and have your manager appraise it later when they have some time.

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