Creating A New User

Creating a User

To create a new user, select 'Users' inside the Settings panel and click on the 'Create New User' button.

Then, choose between either an Admin or a User role, depending on the level of permissions to be granted to that user.


Admin Users have a vast suite of access permissions available to them which can be toggled ON as per the requirement. These different permission types are explain in detail here.

Finally, generate a temporary password and click 'Create', and this creates a new user.


The User, as compared to an Admin, can only access sessions of a select, or all, API keys. Their dashboard view is limited to viewing and sending inspections related to the permitted API key only.

Toggling ON 'Send Password to the Associate Email Address' is required for emailing the temporary email credentials to the new user via an email. Note: You can always create a user first and then go back to this setting and turn the toggle ON, in case you would like to trigger a welcome email at a later date.

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