Create New Account

Before we create a new account, let's determine how we'll manage access to the account settings and who should have complete control over them. Ideally, only enterprise administrators with 'Account Management' access should possess these high-level permissions for the newly created account. We would recommend that you don't share credentials with anyone during the initial account setup. Instead, you can add individuals as users within the newly created account and assign them specific roles with permission settings tailored to their responsibilities.

Review the User Account Permissions section to learn more.

To create a new branch account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ACCOUNTS section.

  2. Click on the "+ CREATE NEW ACCOUNT" button.

  3. Provide a unique username for the new account.

  4. If you're not sending credentials to anyone, use your email address for now.

  5. Enter a password or use the green icon to generate one.

  6. Choose the group in which you want to place this branch account.

  7. Input the full business name of the account.

  8. Select the appropriate region if the account is located outside your primary account's country.

  9. Optionally, you can enter the contact name and phone number of the primary account holder.

  10. Toggle to have PAVE send credentials to the end user you entered, or leave it off to ensure no credentials are sent.

  11. Click "SUBMIT & CLOSE" to save your changes.

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