Installing a Website Widget on Your Website

Forever Change How You Inspect and Appraise Used Vehicles


With PAVE's easy to use JavaScript, you can replace your long "online appraisal" or "sell your car" forms on your website by only requiring visitors to enter their name and phone number to get a PAVE link sent to them directly. PAVE will automatically gather the rest of the needed information from the photos as they capture them.

Website Installation

When they submit their phone number to get sent a PAVE link, their session and progress will automatically show on your dashboard as being sent from your webpage under the name you gave your widget for easy tracking. Once they are complete in doing their capture, the people you have set up to get notified will receive a link by text with the results.

For embedding on your website, you have two options;

1 - iframe: This option allows you to embed the PAVE Inspect form as a frame or an external resource.

2 - floating form: This option allows you to add the PAVE Inspect form to hover on the bottom center of any page where the script gets added.

Iframe: (optional)

Your website layout and the theme used will affect how your form appears on your web page. We calculate the height and the width of your form based on the container size where you embed the form.

To embed the PAVE Inspect form, first create the container on your webpage where you want it to be placed. Once created, replace the 'YOUR_CONTAINER_ID' in the script that is displayed for that widget with the name you gave this container.


<script src=""></script>
    'container': 'YOUR_CONTAINER_ID'
    'src': ''

**SAMPLE ONLY** the script for your website is created in SETTINGS when you activate a new form.

Copy the script for your form and add it within the <body> of your page. The form will automatically load inside the defined container.

Floating form: (default)

If you choose not to enter a designated container for where the PAVE Inspect form appears within your web page, the form will automatically default to float on the bottom center of the page.

Where to find 'YOUR_CONTAINER_ID'

The 'Container ID' is the ID that was given for the <div> where you want the form to be displayed on your webpage. <div id="form" class="container">

You can find this in the HTML for your page. If you only have a <div class="container'> you should add an ID to your container and enter it in the script before adding it to your <body> . Using the name of the "class" instead of the "id" may not work correctly as you may have several containers with the same class.

Directly copy the script for each of the forms that are displayed in your SETTINGS for the widget and insert it inside the of each page you wish to display the form.

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