Create webhooks and get notified for supported events for all sessions relating to your API-Key through a JSON payload.

Setting Up a Webhook

Step 1: Add a new Webhook on your PAVE dashboard as shown below

Step 2: Configure the settings as per your use-case and click 'Create'


API Keys

Select the API Key associated with this webhook

Callback Events

Select the Callback Event you would like to set up. Read more about Callback Events here


Add the Endpoint URL where you would like to receive the JSON associated with the Callback Event


Based on your selected Callback, the API operations such as GET, POST, PUT get selected automatically. No action for the user

You can only set up one webhook event per API Key per Callback Event.

Manually Sending a Webhook

Webhooks once set, can be sent manually using the PAVE dashboard as well. This is required in cases where the webhook did not send or saw an error.

Please see the screenshot below on how to send a webhook manually:

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