Set up batches to generate CSV files of session data with the preferred filters

Creating a new Batch

  • Give your batch a name and select which API key you wish to have the related session data transferred.

  • Enter whichever session STATUS you wish to include (most often only COMPLETE, which are sessions with full results.)

  • Select the FREQUENCY to have this file generate and transfer any new sessions since generated and not included in the previous batch.

  • You can also set this batch to Auto to generate a new batch for any new sessions since the last file was generated or manually select whichever session you wish to include. This will add a button directly to any sessions with the desired status you set (like COMPLETE.)

  • Enter the SFTP credentials for the endpoint to which you wish to transfer your session files.

You can also set any specific license code to be used by any of these API keys.

Using unique license codes will allow us to modify the CSV file to any requirements that would only impact sessions for API keys that use this license.

Add up to 20 batch settings per account to share results with any third parties or send this same data to any own FTP/SFTP server(s).

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