User Account Permissions

Before adding a new user to this account, let's take a moment to review the permissions associated with each user role, detailing what each role allows users to perform. The following table overviews any branch account's available permissions and capabilities.

Permission Setting:Access Granted:


This permission allows the user to search and view all sessions for any user. If you wish to limit their access to specific sessions, consider assigning them the 'User' role instead, where you can specify the sessions they can access using API Keys.


This permission enables the individual to export and download session files in CSV format.


When this permission is granted, the individual can create, modify, and oversee API keys tailored for developers. Furthermore, they can manage distinct use case flows, each customizable to serve specific purposes.


This setting is for your developers, who can track any API logs.


This setting is also for your developers, who can track all session events.


This is also a developer setting to allow them to set up webhooks.


This permission allows the user to edit primary account settings, such as the email address, and change the primary account's password.


This permission provides the user with the capability to customize branding on the capture user interface and condition reports by incorporating custom logos, videos, and brand ID colors. Additionally, this user can personalize the messages sent via SMS.


This permission allows for creating, editing, and managing other user accounts.


This permission grants access to PAVE widgets, such as shareable links or embeddable website forms. Users with this permission can create and edit these widgets as well.


This permission is intended for individuals who may need to set up FTP/SFTP batches for their sessions.


This setting enables a person to edit and manage the costs associated with any PAVE estimations within this account, including the hourly rate.


This setting allows the person to manage any available third-party integrations with PAVE, such as vAuto.


Custom Capture enables a person to create custom questions and additional photo capture steps that can be incorporated alongside the default PAVE capture steps.


(Coming soon) This feature will enable this person to create and manage session damage disputes.

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