Provide damage repair and replacement estimates on the Condition Report PDF


Excess Wear and Tear detected by PAVE can be classified as replaceable or repairable. For each damage, if the Admin so chooses, the damage repair cost estimates can be made and displayed within the Condition Report PDF.

The repair/replacement costs can be manually entered and saved on the dashboard. Once the report is run, it will directly take the estimates and publish them on the Condition Report PDF.

Editing Estimate Values

The "ESTIMATES" section can be found under "SETTINGS" tab of the client dashboard. At this time, the UI will display all 375 available components within the 4 sub-groups of BODY, PARTS, GLASS, WHEELS AND TIRES.

BODY = 95 Editable Components

PARTS = 240 Editable Components

GLASS = 19 Editable Components

WHEELS = 16 Editable Components

TIRES = 5 Editable Components

You may edit the values for each (or all) of the four repair methods of REPLACEMENT, REPAIR & REFINISH, REFINISH ONLY or PDR REPAIR (marked as N/A If not applicable) associated with each component.

Standard Labor Rate

Set your Standard Labor Rate to calculate the total labor cost for each repair. If you use multiple facilities with different labor rates, contact your PAVE Account Executive for additional options on how to have multiple custom damage tables.

By toggling the $TBD switch on for any repair type, this will set these items not to calculate a value and instead, these items get classified as repairs that require additional diagnostics and "$TBD" replaces the dollar amounts for these items.


If you wish to identify some damage types as "INFORMATION - REPORT ONLY" such that no dollar value is assigned to the repair, set all values for that repair to $0 LABOR and $0 PARTS & MATERIALS. These items will be displayed in the Normal Wear and Tear section of your estimates, not under Excess Wear where all amounts are chargeable.

Reset Values to Default

You can reset your entire wear and tear estimates back to the current default values at any time by clicking and confirming Reset Values to Default. These default values may also get updated by Discovery Loft over time which will only impact any values you have not edited and will not overwrite any values you have specifically set.

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