Sharable Links

A sharable link is a pre-configured URL for sending PAVE sessions to users from a shareable, re-useable link, or a QR Code

The Sharable Link feature can be easily located on the dashboard, inside SETTINGS > WIDGETS, as shown below

Create a new Sharable Link in a few simple steps

Step 1: Select 'Create New Widget' on the Widget's page

Best Practice: The name of your shareable link should reference the intended purpose of the link. For Example "Remarketing', or 'Lease Return - Dallas'

Step 2: Select 'Sharable Link' on the 'Create New Widget' pop-up.

Step 3: Add the details such as, 'Widget Name' and the 'API Key' you would like this Sharable Link to be linked with. If needed, you may select the optional settings as well, as explained ahead.

Select 'Use Sharable URL as the Redirect URL' if you would like the PAVE inspector to return to the Sharable Link Launcher Page to initiate another PAVE inspection after completing the first one.

Step 4: Your new Sharable Link and QR Code is ready

There are two ways to use a Sharable Link

You can share the Sharable Link URL. Using the launcher form, you can send an inspection to any mobile number through an SMS, to initiate a PAVE.

2. QR Code

You can also download and distribute the QR Code, which when scanned through a mobile device directs the user to the Launcher Page

Note: Your custom branding logo will show on the QR code, if you have uploaded a logo on the PAVE dashboard, prior to a Sharable Link being created. Once created, the QR code, which is hard coded, does not update/change the logo imprinted on it.

To preview a sharable link you can click on the Preview option, as shown below. This link, which is the same as the Sharable Link URL, opens in a new webpage to preview.

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