Data: Developer

The "Data: Developer" setting allows admin users to access, create, and manage API keys at an Enterprise Level that can be linked to any branch accounts inside the enterprise account.

By managing API keys at the Enterprise level, you can quickly and easily make adjustments that cascade down to your branch accounts.

How to Create a new API key

KEY NAME: This will be the name that appears for selection when creating widgets, shareable links, and in your data exports.

LIVE (toggle): This setting allows a user to enable or disable a key after it has been created.

LICENSE: Select the appropriate license for the key you want to create. Licenses can be used to manage customized capture sequences and other settings.

DEFAULT THEME: This toggle allows you to select the LITE or PRO capture theme for the API key.

PII MASK: This setting enables the blurring of license plates and human faces, and the removal of the VIN photo from the dashboard

SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: This setting allows you to set English or French as your default language for inspections.

REDIRECT URL: You can enter a custom redirect URL that will appear at the end of the capture sequence. If left blank, the default page will appear.

EXPIRED SESSIONS: This setting determines the age at which incomplete sessions expire.

CAPTURE OPTIONS: Capture sequences can be customized to include or exclude elements using the checkboxes.

NOTIFICATIONS: You can customize the text in the SMS messages used to launch inspections and return condition reports.

WEAR & TEAR ESTIMATES: This setting allows you to show repair estimates or not in the condition reports that are associated with the API key.

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