Session Exports

This guide highlights the Session Exports functionality for Enterprise dashboards, that allows users to download session reports seamlessly from their PAVE Enterprise dashboard.

Steps to Navigate the Session Exports feature

Step 1: Open the Dashboard view of the Enterprise Dashboard

After logging into your Enterprise Dashboard, Select “Dashboard” and then select the Group for which you'd like to review/download sessions.

Step 2: Select the desired account and timeframe

Inside this selected group, you can also further shortlist a single account. Otherwise by default, all accounts inside that group are selected.

Timeframes can be selected by specific month or all months. The selected timeframe will determine which sessions are included in the export.

Then, click 'Process Export'

Step 3: Launch the Export Sessions dialogue

Clicking process export will launch the export configuration dialogue

Coming Soon: The 'STATUS' checkbox for 'Export Sessions' is coming soon in April 2024

Select the desired session statuses to include in the export and the template you wish to use. Then click 'Export X Sessions' to trigger the export.

Template management is only available for those with Data: Manage permissions.

You can read further about creating a new 'Export Setting' here

Step 4: Download the export file

Click on 'View Exported Files' and find the generated file - this might take a few minutes.

Sample file name: PAVE_ExportRequest_Group1_2024-04_1712840679.csv

Status Codes

Once an inspection is created, it can hold one of the following statuses:

Idle - Inspection has been received by the user but not opened

Started - The user has started the inspection but has not yet captured any pictures

Process - The user has started capturing but has not yet completed the capture process.

QC Passed - All the images have been captured by the user and accepted by PAVE capture engine

Confirm - User confirmation on detected damages is awaited. For PRO inspections only

Complete: Inspection is complete

Expired: Session has expired and cannot be captured or processed further.

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